Introducing a once-a-year renewal system

We are only as strong as the sum of our parts, and becoming part of Critical Link has never been easier. We have streamlined our sign up and renewal procedure with active links on the website. Please note we have moved to a once-a-year April renewal for everyone. Mark your calendars and click to renew in April. Spread the word!

5 membership advantages

  1. Access to our newsletter
  2. Connection to the international community interpreting movement
  3. News of upcoming conferences and events
  4. Support and advocacy from a global network of colleagues
  5. A private place to share your experiences (good and bad) in our Members Only section* 
  6. Access the the full Research and Development hub (currently in construction)

Look for more membership details under the Membership tab on the website.  Remember to renew and sign up in April.

*Please contact us if you are a member in good standing and have not received a password at

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