An organizational update from our president, Angela Sasso


I last wrote about the internationalization of Critical Link, and of our commitment to become a hub of information for interpreters around the globe. To be an effective hub we need effective communication and I’m pleased to announce enormous progress in that regard.

Refreshed online space

Critical Link now has newly designed active (and interactive) Twitter profile and Facebook page. Make sure to follow and like us. Our website has also undergone great changes to be more responsive and informative.

As a hub we want to provide our members access to the latest research and professional support. To that end, our new Research and Development Committee is hard at work creating mechanisms for gathering and sharing the latest industry research. Read more about that in this edition of The Link.

Growing through word-of-mouth

We are spreading our wings internationally with new regional organization and more feet on the ground. Our board now has members from Spain, Norway, Israel, Canada and the UK. Regional representatives are telling people around the world about our organization. 

It’s an important and exciting year for our industry. The International Organization of Standardization (ISO) is set for a final vote on standards for community interpreting worldwide. This will be a landmark step in the professionalization of our work.


Communication, as any good interpreter knows, is a two way street. We need to hear from you, our members. Use refreshed social media accounts to stay in touch, to ask questions, look for support and share experiences. But remember, the best communication is always face-to-face, so keep your calendars open for our next conference, CLI8 2016 in Scotland. 

Angela Sasso

"The worst distance between two people is misunderstanding."

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