Exploring ways to bring members the latest academic research available


Critical Link’s new Research and Development Committee, Lluis Baixauili, Michal Schuster and Karin Reinhold, have been hard at work. The committee is exploring ways to make the latest academic research available to members. Soon, the Critical Link website will have a Research and Development tab with links to conference abstracts, relevant research papers, journals and interpreter training programs worldwide.

Call for submissions

Members will be encouraged to contribute research to the Critical Link research publications sharing platform and to upload information on training, calls for papers, project funding sources and suggestions for joint studies. The Research and Development committee is also contacting universities and researchers to inform them of this new platform and to ask for submissions. This resource will grow into an indispensable tool for Critical Link member education and support.

With a centralized hub, provided by Critical Link, important academic research from around the world will get the visibility it deserves. This will help us reach our goal of strengthening the status of our profession and making us all better at what we do. 

Stay tuned!

For more information please contact the committee at research@criticallink.org

AuthorCritical Link International