Edinburgh, Scotland

Critical Link’s 8th International Conference is scheduled for the last week of June, 2016. Heriot-Watt University will be hosting the event, at the Edinburgh Conference Centre in Edinburgh, Scotland. Edinburgh and its surrounds are beautiful, the people are friendly and the history is fascinating. As an added bonus, Heriot-Watt is able to offer very affordable accommodation.

How technology impacts our work

The conference will focus on the future of our profession amidst rapid technological and global change.

Interpreters of Tomorrow will discuss the impact of technology on our daily work – how it offers both solutions and challenges. Sessions will focus on information technology and provision of service, as well as how to optimize job searches, and ways of reaching clients.  

Conference organizers are planning sessions on networking across borders, collaborative models of interpreting, and the growing involvement of public service providers. Key to this is the concept of “mainstreaming” interpreting services into public systems. Another area of interest for the conference is the increased support for interpreters in the para-translation and para-interpreting domain.

Finally, there will be sessions on the economic impact of interpreters: how to assess this impact and how to encourage investment in this resource.

Organizers also plan to offer several skill-based workshops prior to the main sessions.

More details coming soon. Meanwhile, save the dates!

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