October 1st - 2nd  2015, Call for papers

Source: www.commons.wikimediaorg.jpg

Source: www.commons.wikimediaorg.jpg

Mobility and immigration leads to more diversity in countries' population. Since integration is a two-way process, the receiving side must organize to ensure everyone’s access to human rights, so that newcomers can participate and consequently enjoy their rights and fulfil their duties. Public service interpreting and translation (PSIT) (Community Interpreting) closes the communication gap that can arise when newcomers do not speak the language of their new country. Cooperation between the main stakeholders and representatives of all parties is fundamental to go a step further in the recognition of PSIT as a profession. The University of Alcalá, joining forces with FITISPOs and AFIPTISP will organise the conference on Training, Testing and Accreditation in PSIT, October 1 and 2, 2015. Representatives of EU Institutions, EMT Network, European Language Council, CIUTI, ENPSIT, EULITA, CCDUTI, and COMUNICA have already confirmed their presence.

Their participation in this event will contribute to discussions, exchange of ideas and new projects about the following topics:

  1. To continue reinforcing the link between translating and interpreting in public services / Translating and Interpreting for the citizens.
  2. To help integrate into one program or a harmonized set of programs PSIT competency profiles, standards, training, testing and accreditation in PSIT.
  3. To help develop a general profile of competences for public service interpreters and translators in the different fields where PSIT is required (healthcare, education, local authorities, police etc.)
  4. To design a model curriculum for people belonging to migrant communities who may lack appropriate qualifications to enrol in ordinary degree programs, while having the language skills and the cultural competence to serve as translators and interpreters in public service settings.

This conference will include four sessions within the primary aim of continuing constructing a global framework or scaffold in which to develop specific strands of work. 

These sessions are labelled:

  • Competences and standardization
  • Training  in PSIT
  • Assessment in PSIT
  • PSIT Qualifications, accreditation, certification

Proposals in English or Spanish of a maximum of 500 words (Times New Roman size 12 font, single spaced) on the previous topics are welcome.

  • Address for proposals: info@afiptisp.com
  • Website: www.afiptisp.com
  • Deadline for proposals: August 15, 2015.
  • Communication of Acceptance: September 1, 2015
  • Conference venue: Universidad de Alcalá, Madrid, Spain
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