For the first time in history, the global interpreting community can view a CLI Conference session


For the first time in the history of Critical Link, one of its conference sessions will be streamed live. The session chosen is the final panel discussion of the Critical Link 8 Conference (“Future- proofing interpreting and translating: The road ahead”), which will be chaired by Prof. Franz Pochhacker, of the University of Vienna.

CLI8 live streaming time

Between 15:45 and 17:15 (GMT+1) on Friday, 1st July, people from all over the world who did not have the chance to attend the conference will be able to go online and watch the session develop. What is more, they can also play an active role and inform the discussion by submitting questions in advance through an online questionnaire that will be disseminated to relevant organisations and individuals, and also by participating in a live chat as the panel addresses the issues that are raised.

The thrust behind this initiative was to afford interested parties who could not join us in Edinburgh the opportunity to delve into key concerns that may have been brought up in the course of the Critical Link 8 sessions and to open up new avenues for dialogue. We particularly welcome contributions from people whose countries do not yet have well-established translation and/or interpreting policies or practices, newcomers to the professions and early-career researchers.

Whether it is in person or virtually, we look forward to welcoming you in Edinburgh! Follow us on Twitter @CriticalLink8 with the hashtag #CritcalLink8 and Facebook at CriticalLink8.

Dr. Raquel de Petro Ricoy
Senior Lecturer
Department of Languages and Intercultural Studies Heriot-Watt University
Edinburgh EH14 4AS

AuthorCritical Link International