Exciting initiatives are under way. Come join the CLI team as we review the work of the past 3 years

Since 1995, Critical Link has been fundamental to the evolution and advancement of the community/public service interpreting sector. Through our Annual General Meeting, CLI members celebrate our successes from the last few years, discuss current projects, future initiatives and announce our Board of Directors for 2016 - 2019. We cordially invite you to attend our AGM held on June 30th, 2016 at the Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland at 12:00pm.

  1. President’s Address
  2. Review committee minutes from the previous Annual General Meeting
  3. Passing of the Society’s new By-Laws
  4. Review of Annual Financials (copies of the financials are available by contacting contact@criticallink.org)
  5. Appointment of new Directors
  6. Appointment of new Executive Committee
  7. Any other new business

Join us in celebrating the contributions of CLI to this very dynamic and evolving sector. For more information on our organization, the conference, or how you can become a member, please explore our website. 

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