CLI President Angela Sasso presents the opening plenary session


I was honoured with an invitation to present the opening plenary session at the 6th International Conference on PSIT/Community Interpreting and Translation at the Universidad de Alcalá in Alcalá de Henares Spain this past March. The conference ran from March 6th to March 8th and as usual involved excellent presentations, wonderful opportunities to network in the historic city of Alcalá de Henares – a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and a chance to share discussions on the topic we most love to discuss – public service interpreting and translation.

Invited by our wonderful and dedicated colleague Carmen Valero Garcés, Director of the MA in Intercultural Communication and Public Service Interpreting and Translation program and Professor of Interpreting and Translation at UAH to speak on a vision for public service interpreting and translation that pushes beyond the limits, I dedicated the plenary talk on the need for a new paradigm. It is imperative that community interpreters and translators gain authority over their domain – whether that domain is defined by the market place, or the institution or by governance. Our upcoming blog will feature the presentation that was given at the 6th PSIT Conference.

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