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Critical Link International (CLI) is committed to promoting and fostering the development of community/public service interpreting in the social, legal and health care sectors. In 2013 CLI struck a Research and Development Committee in an effort to extend the scope of our work and create meaningful activities for all of our stakeholders - policy makers, practitioners, service providers and researchers. To this end, the CLI R&D has launched the KnowledgeLinkIC (KLIC) Initiative. KLIC is a dedicated section on the CLI website that functions as a hub for knowledge exchange in our vibrant field of work and study. KLIC is a repository and a sharing space of presentations at past CLI conferences, unpublished academic papers, new publications, special issues, and articles, in addition to dissertations of outstanding academic works of Master’s and Doctoral students and researchers. KLIC is set to launch (softly) this Spring 2016 and will be previewed at the Critical Link 8 Conference in Edinburgh, Scotland from June 29th - July 1st, 2016. We invite you all to visit us online at and sample our new R&D site. Take a tour, give us feedback, and we will see you in Scotland for the formal launch.

As leaders in community interpreting, we are asking for your assistance in distributing this announcement to your networks, respective faculty members and graduate students. You are encouraged to upload the resources to the Critical Link site, where they will be posted once have been reviewed, and the author(s), university, and funders will be profiled. We trust that this cooperative effort will go to benefit all members: your institution, researchers, funders and Critical Link. We also believe that it sets a tone for a model of cooperative effort that we intend to support moving forward.

KLIC also includes:

  • Call for papers
  • Information on conferences
  • Suggestions for joint studies in community interpreting
  • Sources of funding for interpreting projects

We believe that this international cooperation, under the auspices of CLI as a global organization will promote the academic status of the profession, increase studies in the field, and provide more visibility to publications from all over the world.


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